Be Compassionate with Yourself.

Be compassionate with yourself.  Look at yourself and say ‘You have done the best you know how to do with the resources you have available until now.’  Your belief system to this point is made up mostly of what you have been able to make up about the world and the tactics you have used to find your way through it as safely as possible.

Remember much of your belief system you constructed by default. Through environment and circumstance your young mind wrote operating programs to keep you safe. Now some of these antiquated beliefs have become negative scripts that you play out of habit.  These harmful scripts prevent you from getting what you want.  They muddle your preferences and keep you living in fear.

Your perception defines your life; there are no two ways about this.  You can take control of your perception. Actively choose your preference in each moment.  In life victory goes to those who have developed strength of character, determination and self control. Now you have options and you know it.  Take an active role in your life; let your preference lead the way.  Start from where you are.  It is the only place you can begin.

Intentionally Affirm:

I intend that choice is mine for the asking. I now ask choice into my life. I allow it in positively; for I know that I am safe. I am grateful, I give thanks.  So be it, so it is.

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