We all have a story… here is Michele's…

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Are you facing insurmountable obstacles? Do you want to maintain control?

Michele Clarke survived traumatic head & neck cancer requiring multiple surgeries and leading to alteration of her facial features. However, she has turned her harrowing experience into a way to heal other cancer victims by providing ways to survive and thrive.

After her traumatic surgery, Michele struggled with the lack of resources to help determine her future and plot out her new life. So in 2005 She began writing about her incredible journey in Face Forward (Published 2012).  The great response to the book launched her career as public speaker, thought leader and a success therapist.  Michele would like to grow her business into a multi-media organization providing the success principles to help anyone and everyone live their best now.

She has written a critically acclaimed best seller Face Forward, developed unique survivorship and overcoming obstacles programming allowing her to inspire millions with her public speaking appearances. Michele’s inspiration and Face Forward movement will help cancer survivors because:

  • There is an unbelievable lack of cancer survivorship/overcoming obstacles programs in America.
  • Over 62% of patients are now living for at least five years after diagnosis (ACS, 2003) but they need a support community to deal with the aftermath of often traumatizing surgery and treatments that truly change life as they know it. (9.6M NCI 2003)
  • Survivors face numerous physical, psychological, social, spiritual, and financial issues throughout their diagnosis and treatment and for the remaining years of their lives.
  • If current trends continue, one-third of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes (NCI, 2003a).
  • In light of Obama care, many hospitals and rehabilitation healthcare institutions may be required to provide survivorship programing in order to keep accreditation, and receive reimbursements etc..

Moreover, Michele’s programming can inspire anyone who is overcoming a major obstacle in their lives from small business owners to teens to moms trying to balance it all. She works with success principles, which allow anyone to leverage all the positives of any situation into a better result in the present moment.  Which really is the only moment we really have.